Welcome to the VBA

The Vintage Basketball Association is a retro basketball league using the ActionPC Basketball season from 35 years previous. We just finished our 3rd season and the VBA Finals saw our first champion from the Eastern Conference. The Oklahoma Noodlers defeated the Minnesota Muskies in six games. Our inaugural season ended with the El Paso Scorpions, with the league’s best defense and best record, win the first-ever championship. Our second championship went to the league’s best offense, the Sun Valley Bobcats

The 1981-82 Draft saw the Costa Mesa Condors select Isiah Thomas #1 overall. Kelly Tripucka was selected 2nd by the Providence Steamrollers. The Philadelphia Fire chose Larry Nance at number 3. See all results on our Draft Page.

We are looking for backup coaches, if interested, fill out our CONTACT FORM.

Vintage Larry Bird & Magic Johnson