Fire 45-37 (2-6)

Blizzard 50-32 (6-2)

Score (click for boxscore) Game MVP Hi Points Hi Rebounds Hi Assists
1. Blizzard 145, Fire 144 Clyde Drexler 31 Larry Nance 15 Kevin Willis 13 Clyde Drexler
2. Blizzard 154, Fire 148 Clyde Drexler 35 Dominique Wilkins 16 Karl Malone 17 Clyde Drexler
3. at Philadelphia
4. at Philadelphia
5. at Buffalo
6. at Philadelphia
7. at Buffalo
Buffalo leads series 2-0

Game 1 – Two Division rivals meet in Buffalo, with the Blizzard having the regular season 6-2 edge. The first quarter looked like an MMA match. By the end of the 1st, Malone(3), Kareem(2), and Nance(2) were all in foul trouble. The first half saw 10 lead changes. Turpin and Jones, off the bench, led the Fire. Clyde the Glide led all scorers with 19 at the half. The Fire had a 2 point half time lead 69-67. In the 3rdQ the Blizzard quickly took the lead and continued to build that lead to 14 points by late in the quarter. In the 4thQ the Fire would come back to within 2 points several times. In the final minute, Larry Nance converted on a 3 point play which brought the Fire to within 1. But that was it. Buffalo prevailed 145-144. Chambers led the Blizzard with 29. Nance led all scorers with 31.

Game 2 – Kareem and Nance suffer early foul trouble once again. The Blizzard blinded the Fire in the first, scoring 48 points. Although the Fire flickered, the embers ignited in the 2nd with the Fire taking a 73-71 halftime lead. The Fire maintained  the lead through the third and extended it to six. The Fire held on halfway through the 4th, but the Blizzard fought back to take the lead at the 6:55 mark. The lead changed hands several times in the last minutes, but the Blizzard prevailed 154-148. Karl Malone was the MVP with 33 and 16.  Dominique scored 35 for Philly. 

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Game 7