St. Louis Hawks
58-24 (4-2)

Rocky Mtn Oysters
55-27 (2-4)

Score (click for boxscore) Game MVP Hi Points Hi Rebounds Hi Assists
1. Oysters 128, Hawks 113 Gerald Henderson 30 Moses Malone 16 Dan Roundfield 11 Paul Pressey
2. Hawks 130, Oysters 110 Jeff Ruland 26 Jeff Ruland 16 Jeff Ruland 10 Jeff Ruland
3. Oysters 131, Hawks 129 Joe Barry Carroll 30 Joe Barry Carroll 17 Moses Malone 11 Fat Lever
4. Hawks 119, Oysters 113 Lewis Lloyd 26 Alex English 12 Dan Roundfield 10 Fat Lever
5. Hawks 119, Oysters 110 Paul Pressey 30 Alex English 13 Mike Gminski 11 John Stockton
6. Hawks 121, Oysters 108 Paul Pressey 28 Alex English 13 Moses Malone 12 John Stockton
St. Louis wins series 4-2

Game 1 – Maurice Lucas was ejected 15 seconds into the game, which caused some panic in the RMO coaching staff. Things settled down and the game was tied 28-28 after the first quarter. Hot shooting put the Oysters up by 10 at the half and they continued that into the third quarter to extend the lead to 17. Gerald Henderson scored 14 of his game MVP 24 points in the fourth to keep the Hawks in check. Alex English added 25 for Rocky Mountain, while Joe Barry Carroll added 23 points and 10 rebounds and Dan Roundfield scored 21 to go with 16 rebounds. For the Hawks, Moses Malone led all scorers with 30 points and 13 rebounds. Lewis Lloyd and Mike Gminski added 17 points each.

Game 2 – St. Louis shot .589 for the game and Rocky Mountain never really got on track. One really big reason for that was game MVP Jeff Ruland, who scored 26 points, collected 16 rebounds and dished 10 assists for the triple-double. Also scoring for the Hawks was Moses Malone with 20 points/10 rebounds and John Stockton with 17 points. For Rocky Mountain, Joe Barry Carroll had 22 points and 11 rebounds, while Alex English added 20 points.

Game 3 – A very close game, with St. Louis up by five at the half. The Oysters went on a run to start the third and ended the quarter with their own five-point lead. The fourth quarter saw Rocky Mountain bend, but not break as they held on to win. For the Hawks, Moses Malone scored 26 points to go with 17 rebounds, while Louis Orr added 22 points. Joe Barry Carroll was the MVP, scoring 30 points, while Darryl Dawkins added 21.

Game 4 – Rocky Mountain was up by seven going into the final quarter and then the wheels fell off. The Hawks outscored the Oysters 43-30 in the final frame to pull ahead and hold on for the win. Lewis Lloyd was the game MVP, scoring 25 points, while Moses Malone and John Stockton added 23 and 21 respectively. For Rocky Mountain, Alex English scored 26, Darryl Dawkins scored 23 and Walter Davis scored 21.

Game 5 – The game was tied 31-31 after the first. Joe Barry Carroll got into foul trouble early, which played havoc with the Oyster’s roles and rotations for the remainder of the game. Paul Pressey got hot in the 2nd quarter (16 points at the half) and St. Louis took a 9-point lead into the break. Rocky Mountain had no answer for Mike Gminski in the third (other than to foul him), as he scored 13 points in the quarter and the Hawks led by 16 after 3. St. Louis slowed it down and burned the clock for much of the final quarter, leading to a 119-110 victory (the game was not as close as the final score makes it seem). St. Louis took advantage of the 27 fouls committed by RMO and converted 30 of 36 free throw attempts. Paul Pressey was the Game MVP, scoring the triple-double with 27 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. Mike Gminski tallied 26 points and 13 rebounds, while Moses Malone added 20 points. For Rocky Mountain, Alex English scored 30 points and Darryl Dawkins added 23.

Game 6 – A balanced attack by the St. Louis Hawks was more than the Rocky Mountain Oysters could overcome.  Rocky Mountain was down early and even though they battled back and gained the lead for a short period of time, they could not sustain any momentum.   St. Louis was perfect in 29 attempts from the free throw line. Paul Pressey was the MVP for the Hawks, scoring 13 points to go with 7 assists.  Moses Malone tallied 20 points and 13 rebounds, with Mike Gminski adding 15 points and 12 boards.  John Stockton had 12 assists to go with 6 points.  For the Oysters, Alex English and Darryl Dawkins scored 28 and 21 points respectively. St. Louis wins the series 4-2 to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.